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Vinyl Banners: Your Street Smart Business and Events Marketing Solution

Bring your brand to life and boost sales with a durable vinyl banner and striking graphics. It will make the ideal impression on your target market. Whether you’re promoting a sale, special advertisement, or a one-time event, vinyl banners are perfect for drawing a crowd and engaging your community. Vinyl banner printing provides a portable and powerful way to promote your business and events, wherever you need a little extra oomph. It also gives your business the exposure and attention it deserves.

Deliver your message to a wide audience, affordably, and give your business the exposure it deserves. Let us handle the printing job for your PVC banners so you can hang them right away.

Up Close & Personalized

Get to know vinyl banners up close and personal so you can create the most effective banner display for your marketing:

Sizes That Offer More

Vinyl banners come in many sizes, so you have a lot of options to suit your needs. More available sizes means more space to put the exact message you need. Our vinyl banners:

  • feature 4 popular sizes: 2 ft x 6 ft, 3 ft x 6 ft, 4 ft x 6 ft, and 4 ft x 8 ft.
  • are also available in custom sizes up to 20 ft x 8 ft.
  • can be printed horizontally or vertically, depending on your specific business needs.

What are the most popular Vinyl Banner sizes?

2 Foot Banners

4 Foot Banners

6 Foot Banners

8 Foot Banners

2 x 4 Banners

4 x 8 Banners

5 x 9 Banners

8 x 12 Banners

2 x 6 Banners

4 x 9 Banners

5 x 10 Banners

8 x 14 Banners

2 x 8 Banners

4 x 10 Banners

5 x 12 Banners

8 x 16 Banners

2 x 10 Banners

4 x 12 Banners

5 x 20 Banners

8 x 20 Banners


When choosing the right size for your vinyl banner printing, make sure:

  • the banner will fit in the space you’d like to display it.
  • the font and graphic size are legible from the farthest distance it will be viewed.


Vinyl Weathers Any Storm

Vinyl is a durable, cost-effective, and versatile material that will outlast not-so-friendly weather conditions. Here’s what makes our two vinyl materials extra special:

Standard 13 oz. vinyl

  • The popular and economical choice
  • Features a matte finish for higher visibility even in direct sunlight or bright light
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use (3-5 years outdoors)
  • Exceptional tear-resistance


Premium 15 oz. vinyl

  • Stronger, smoother, and more versatile option for close range viewing
  • Available in a matte finish that is visible in bright light or direct sunlight
  • Perfect for long term outdoor use (lasts 5 years outdoors)
  • Highly durable, puncture, tear, and fungus resistant


Keep Your Banners Grounded

Three finishing options are available to secure your vinyl banner printing to its mounting location:

Grommets – Also called nickel grommets or eyelets. These are fixed around the edges or corners of the banner. Pick this finishing option of you’d like to use twist ties to secure your banner to a stand or wall.


Hems and Grommets – Grommets are still placed at the corners, however, the banner edges are then folded over and heat welded to reinforce the sides. This hemming helps keep your banner in shape and the vinyl material from fraying. Best for outdoor use.


Pole Pockets – Banner edges are folded over and heat welded to form a pocket for poles or ropes to be inserted. This finish reduces creases and provides a solid tensioned look to your vinyl banner.


Handy Tips That Do the Trick

Creating the perfect vinyl banner for your needs involves a few aspects that are crucial for success:

  • In or out? – First decide if you will be hanging your vinyl banner indoors or outdoors.
  • Visibility is key – Make sure you hang your banner in a strategic location that will be easily seen by your target market in any weather and lighting conditions.
  • The right information – Keep it simple, but be sure to include all the important information your customers need to know. This includes your logo, company name, branding, images of products or services you offer, your message, etc.
  • In or out? – Does your banner artwork represent you and your brand? Do the colors and graphics connect your prospects to your brand and products? Do the copy and images fit your existing brand?

Our prints are perfect for any type of business. Whether you want to place the printed banners inside your shop or hang it outside, our large format vinyl banner printing is sure to grabbing everyone’s attention. Give your business a big visual boost and better brand exposure. When in need of vinyl signs, let PrintRunner be your first choice for printing.

Vinyl Banners

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  • Be seen from any angle with durable, lightweight banners

    • Custom sizes up to 20 ft x 8 ft
    • Premium 15 oz. vinyl is fade, wind, and tear-resistant
    • Comes with optional grommets or pole pockets
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